The Debates of Job, Pt. 2

The way I am going to structure the posts in this series is by focusing each one on one round in the debates. I will look at each speech, giving first the summary, and then quoting a few verses from that exemplify the main thrust of each speech. So for this first look I’m going […]

The Debates of Job, Pt. 1

Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to read through the book of Job in the Old Testament a few times and I have always been impressed with the style that it was written in. For those unaware, the book of Job tells the classic story of a righteous man who God allows […]

Creation Pt. 6: The Day-Age Theory

In my two previous posts, I looked at two non-chronological interpretations of Genesis 1. They are the Literary Framework View, and the Revelatory Day Theory. Today we move on to the chronological interpretations of Genesis 1. First up, is the Day Age Theory. I. An Introduction to the Day-Age Theory The best way to summarize […]